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Hicks v. Anstro


Ms. Hicks was injured when a factory crane that she was operating became unstable and dropped its load which entrapped her leg. She was assigned to a factory in Waterbury, CT by her employer and the factory which owned the crane and ran the facility denied any legal responsibility for the crane’s alleged malfunction nor…

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Oseni v. Georgia Inc. dba Pappas Pizza


A lawsuit was brought by the Mother of a young man who was shot and killed while ordering a pizza along with several other injured victims also present at the time of the shooting. The incident happened on June 6, 2009, at Pappas Pizza, located in Hartford, Connecticut, Pappas had for years been the scene…

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Dawson v. New York Lighter Company


Settlement following a Plaintiff’s Verdict arising out of an injury to a child when a lighter which had an inadequate child-proof safety mechanism was lit by a four-year-old. The exclusive U.S. Importer/Distributor was sued as they brought in millions of these Chinese manufactured lighters every year. For the burn injuries, a post-verdict settlement of $200,000…

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Shopey v. Heil Co. ET AL


Department of Transportation worker who lost part of her leg in the back of a dump truck while getting it ready for winter snow operations received a 3.6 million dollar verdict in Waterbury Superior Court on November 1, 2011. Her boot was entrained in the moving conveyor chain during a maintenance operation. The defense was…

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Occonor v. Tulip Homes


A construction site injury involving the improper use of a ladder and failure to monitor the construction site. The defendant was the general contractor who claimed no knowledge or legal responsibility for the dangerous work site conditions which contributed to Mr. Occonor’s fall through an open hole in the floor while tumbling off a ladder…

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Estate of Oliver Myers v. Spector


This accident brought on behalf of an elderly man who was killed crossing the street in his wheelchair when struck by a large SUV that apparently had not seen him was challenging because there was inadequate auto liability coverage available for a wrongful death claim. The family of the decedent who authorized my firm to…

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Bezilla v. Cloutier


Settlement shortly before trial arising out of a motor vehicle collision. It was learned that the defendant motor vehicle operator had a depth perception impairment and her Ophthalmologists’s testimony was preserved for use at trial. $875,000. Hartford Superior Court. Disclaimer: Please be advised that results obtained in other cases are not meant to imply that you…

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Cary v. Eitel


Mr. Carey was rear-ended by a pickup truck driven by Mr. Eitel who was employed by O & G industries, the same company behind the Clean energy explosion that killed and injured workers in Middletown, CT. Traveler’s insurance insured the risk. The injuries claimed were principally lower back and a mild traumatic brain injury from…

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Proctor v. St. Francis Hospital ET AL


Malpractice settlements against several of the six named defendants arose out of a delay in diagnosis and treatment of a benign condition which resulted in legal blindness. Defense claims varied but a common theme was that Ms. Proctor would likely have lost her sight regardless of the claimed departures from the standard of care due…

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Simone Jackson v. Orthopaedic Associates


A medical malpractice settlement arising from wrist surgery in which the patient’s ulnar nerve was inadvertently lacerated. The surgeon initially claimed aberrant anatomy as the reason that the nerve was injured. It was also maintained that this type of injury was a known complication and not necessarily an indication of negligence. Following grueling deposition and…

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Tornaquindici v. John Keggi M.D.


Malpractice verdict against an orthopedic surgeon resulting from hip surgery in which the patient’s femoral nerve was injured and the surgeon defended on the basis that the injury inflicted was a complication not the result of surgical negligence. The jury did not accept that explanation and rendered a verdict in the amount of $557,000 in…

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Poteat v. State of Connecticut


This case involved suing the State of Connecticut for placing and maintaining foster children in an environment where they were subject to physical and sexual abuse. The extent of such abuse was hotly contested, and governmental immunity issues were challenging to overcome. The case was eventually settled for $700,000 and was concluded to the satisfaction…

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Disclaimer: Please be advised that results obtained in other cases are not meant to imply that you will have a similar outcome should you retain our services. The information is instead presented to help you make an informed decision about the experience level of our Law Firm.

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