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Our law firm comprises experienced attorneys who are devoted to providing justice for sexual abuse survivors. 

LRCR.Law is dedicated to ensuring justice for anyone who has experienced sexual abuse regardless of their age. Organizations that shield abusers from legal consequences and fail to protect victims from harm must be held liable for their negligence. Moreover, the perpetrators responsible should also be held accountable for their actions. Recent legislation extends the statute of limitations and offers a “look-back period” for victims of sexual abuse, which allows survivors to pursue legal recourse for their abuse. If you have been affected by any institution listed below, this is your chance to take action. Please let us help you pursue compensation for your injuries.

Hospitals, universities, and medical programs are essential institutions in our society.

Have you experienced abuse from a medical professional or a person in authority?

Multiple class action lawsuits alleging sexual misconduct by healthcare professionals have been filed against hospitals, universities and medical programs in various parts of the United States. Despite rampant knowledge of the abuser’s conduct, there have been numerous cases of high-profile sexual abuse which were perpetrated for extended periods of time. For more than three decades, George Tyndall, USC’s gynecologist, sexually abused his patients while claiming to provide necessary medical care. Multiple ex-wrestlers from Ohio State University have alleged that Richard Strauss, the former team physician, sexually abused hundreds of boys between the 1980s and 1990s. MSU has agreed to pay out a $500 million settlement to hundreds of athletes and gymnasts who were victims of sexual abuse by the head athletic doctor Larry Nassar.

Numerous sexual abuse allegations have been made against the Rockefeller University Hospital and the estate of Reginald Archibald

Over a period of four decades, Dr. Reginald Archibald abused thousands of children while working as pediatric endocrinologist at Rockefeller University Hospital in New York. Despite having prior knowledge and multiple investigations, the hospital neglected to take any action against Dr. Archibald’s sexual misconduct since 1960, leaving their most vulnerable patients at risk. A lawsuit has been launched against the hospital for sending out more than 1,000 letters to ex-patients of Dr. Archibald, who has since passed away. The hospital caused further harm to its patients who had already been sexually abused by disregarding their privacy and causing them immense emotional distress. In light of the recently passed legislation in New York, there is expected to be a heavy influx of legal action taken against the hospital due to Dr. Archibald’s sexual misconduct involving thousands of patients at their locations.

Abuse victims in the Catholic Church

Sexual misconduct by members of the Catholic Church including priests has existed since at least the 1950s, and the magnitude of this abuse is incredibly vast. It is difficult to determine accurate numbers of those who have been affected by it, however, some reports indicate that…Since the 1980s, the Catholic Church has provided monetary compensation to approximately 9,000 survivors totaling nearly $4 billion. It is extremely concerning to see how far the Church has gone to hide, downplay, and ignore accusations of sexual abuse by its clergy members. This kind of behavior is unacceptable and must not be tolerated. Perpetrators of child abuse have gone as far as to destroy evidence that could have been used to prosecute them and prevent future abuse of other children.

Universities, Colleges, and Schools

Trusted adults, including teachers, are often the perpetrators of sexual abuse against children. Children’s fear of speaking out against their abusers and feeling ashamed, embarrassed, or responsible for the abusive acts of adults is what allows school staff members to perpetrate abuse for long periods of time. Schools & universities are obligated to ensure the safety of their students by providing a secure environment. Their primary responsibility is to look after the welfare of children & young adults. Educational institutions have a responsibility to their students, wherein they should take necessary precautions and take action if they become aware of any kind of sexual misconduct. Negligence in hiring & supervising staff or ignoring reports of such misconduct is considered a violation of this duty. Title IX legislation creates legal liability for educational institutions if sexual assault, harassment, or rape occur on their campuses.

Boy Scouts of America

The Boys Scouts of America (BSA) is one of the largest youth organizations in the United States, with around 110 million Americans taking part in its activities & programs. The Boy Scouts of America organization has been linked to over 7,800 sexual abuse cases involving 12,000 children victims in the period between 1944 and 2016. Several ex-BSA members have taken legal action against the organization for not taking necessary precautions to shield scouts from potential sexual abuse. Many times, scout leaders were encouraged to keep quiet about their resignations or were simply transferred to a different area. Hundreds of additional lawsuits against the BSA are expected due to extended statute of limitations laws in various states, which allow adults who were abused as minors to seek justice.

Youth Sports Organizations

Coaches have a crucial role to play in the world of youth sports. The close relationship between the coach and athlete creates a situation where children are exposed to their coaches, often while no other adults are present. Organizations and coaches alike can suffer legal repercussions if they neglect to prioritize the safety of athletes. Consequently, employers should prevent those with a history of misconduct from continuing in their roles. Those who fear liability often switch jobs and work with new children, without disclosing their history of misconduct. This allows the perpetrators to continue to damage new victims.


Parents can trust that their children are well taken care of when placed in daycare and aftercare facilities as the staff is qualified and responsible. Unfortunately, not all cases of sexual abuse are always detected. Young children in daycare or aftercare facilities may not be aware enough to recognize these crimes, and even if they do, they may lack the communication skills to seek help from parents or other adults. Aftercare and daycare operators and supervisors can be held responsible for not fulfilling their obligation to safeguard children’s welfare if they fail to hold the right hiring standards, retain reliable staff, or take any necessary steps to stop & report abuse.

Residential Care/ Group Homes

Sexual assault in residential care homes has been brought to the public’s attention following a healthcare worker’s alleged abuse of a comatose woman at an Arizona long-term care facility. Sexual abuse inflicted by healthcare workers on residents of long-term care facilities, group homes, or private homes is particularly heinous due to the vulnerable nature of these individuals. Elderly & vulnerable people, with mental or physical impairments, are susceptible to abuse as abusers can target them without detection from others. Group home operators & companies hiring home health workers must implement policies that guarantee the safety of their residents and clients.

Summer Camps

In recent decades, hundreds of reports of sexual abuse have come up in diverse types of summer camps. This is because children are especially vulnerable and more exposed to risks when they are away from their parents and without the regular protection they receive at home. What’s more, summer camps often fall short in ensuring camper safety as they typically lack regulations. Shockingly, 18 states do not even require camps to conduct background checks. Furthermore, many of these states also do not have any licensing requirements for sleepover camps. Predatory behavior can be facilitated when children are not well-protected, such as at summer camps. Therefore, camp owners and supervisors may face legal repercussions if a child is hurt due to their inadequate supervision.

Law Enforcement

Reports of sexual assault committed by law enforcement officers against arrested or apprehended individuals have been increasing. An investigation conducted in 2015 showed that there is at least one allegation of police misconduct involving sexual abuse every five days, and a considerable percentage of these allegations involve victims who are minors. People who commit sexual abuse often exploit fear and intimidation to manipulate their victims. They tend to target the most vulnerable individuals, especially women with a history of misconduct or those who have experienced abuse before.If you have been arrested, detained or questioned by police, you are entitled to safety and security. Anyone who has experienced sexual abuse by an officer while in police custody has the right to pursue legal action for compensation for their mental and physical injuries.

Entertainment Industry

Many victims of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry have found the courage to come forward with their stories, thanks to news about Harvey Weinstein’s decades-long history of abuse. Celebrities are in a position of power and any sort of sexual assault they commit can have detrimental effects on the victims. Such abusive behavior includes anything ranging from subtle sexual gestures to rape. Abuse in the entertainment industry is a growing concern, with victims reporting that they cooperate or stay silent due to fear of blacklisting. Children are particularly vulnerable since they often lack parental supervision when interacting with executives. Sexual abuse in the entertainment industry is a deplorable crime, and all those responsible for its occurrence or who knowingly concealed it must face legal action.

Spas and Massage Parlors

Over 200 clients of Massage Envy have accused staff members of sexual abuse during their massages, bringing attention to the popular chain’s safety standards. The massage chain’s policies for tackling sexual abuse are inadequate, leaving victims feeling unsupported and unprotected. Inadequate protection is provided by not forcing franchises to report sexual assaults to local law enforcement and the lack of a uniform policy for handling such cases. Franchises are left to their own devices in terms of investigating, enabling some offenders to keep working in their jobs. Employers can be held liable when they knowingly hire a massage therapist with a history of sexual assault or involvement in human trafficking. Negligent hiring can result in the exploitation of victims by massage parlors for commercial sexual activity. Owners and operators of massage parlors owe a duty of care to employ and monitor staff in a manner that ensures the safety of all customers.

Effects of Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse has devastating and lasting impacts on individuals, regardless of whether they are adults or children. It often results in psychological, emotional, and physical trauma. The trauma of sexual assault can have lasting effects on the mental health of victims, such as stress, fear, anxiety, depression, and difficulty with daily tasks. People who have been victims of sexual abuse may resort to self-mutilation, substance abuse, suicide attempts, and other destructive behaviors. They can also suffer from social isolation, deteriorating relationships with family members, and increased risk-taking habits. Childhood sexual abuse can have long-lasting psychological and emotional effects on victims, potentially leading to a negative self-image and feelings of personal responsibility for the abuse. Sexual abuse greatly impacts a child’s development and can cause long-lasting psychological issues such as difficulties forming relationships, difficulties with intimacy, and trust issues that may last into adulthood.

Settlements and Recovery for Sex Abuse Victims

Sexual abuse can have long-lasting and often devastating consequences on the life of a victim, sometimes even lasting for years or decades. Victims of sexual abuse can seek financial compensation for a variety of harms in civil lawsuits, including pain and suffering, loss of income, and healthcare or psychiatric costs. Victims of sexual assault may be entitled to punitive damages in addition to any other damages they may receive. Moreover, it is not just the perpetrator who can be held liable – negligent institutions such as hospitals, churches, universities, and youth organizations like the BSA could also be liable for their failure to protect victims. Civil recoveries for cases of sexual abuse can be hugely impactful. Examples such as Michigan State University, the Catholic Church, and the Boy Scouts of America show that these civil recoveries are some of the largest amounts ever seen in such cases.

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