Oseni v. Georgia Inc. dba Pappas Pizza

Oseni v. Georgia Inc. dba Pappas Pizza

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A lawsuit was brought by the Mother of a young man who was shot and killed while ordering a pizza along with several other injured victims also present at the time of the shooting. The incident happened on June 6, 2009, at Pappas Pizza, located in Hartford, Connecticut, Pappas had for years been the scene of repeated instances of violent after-hours controversies, when the Downtown Hartford Night clubs emptied out Pappas Pizza became a venue for hoodlums and misfits and provided no resident security personnel despite having been warned by the Hartford Police department of the need for it to provide for on-premises security and not completely rely on the visible police presence in the area. As would be expected, most of the disturbances including a prior shooting in the restaurant years earlier happened in the hours after midnight and with greater frequency on weekends and event nights. The parties entered into a substantial-high six-figure settlement, the terms of which remain confidential (Formerly pending at Hartford Superior Court), resolved.

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