How to File a Baby Formula Lawsuit With a Hartford, CT Lawyer

Has your child developed necrotizing enterocolitis, or NEC, in Hartford, CT after drinking cow-based milk from companies like Similac and Enfamil? They’re not alone.

Research shows that NEC, a bacterial illness, affects one out of every 2,000 to 4,000 live births. However, it is most common in preemies who are given infant formula.

Formula manufacturers understand the link between NEC and their formula. If they don’t mention this on their labels, they are liable for any harm their products cause. Let’s examine how you can file a baby formula lawsuit with a Hartford, CT lawyer.

Connect with a Lawyer

To file an infant formula lawsuit, you’ll need to contact a product liability attorney who specializes in baby formula suits.

They can file your claim for you in the proper court. They will also explain the next steps and help you understand how much compensation your baby might receive for their injuries.

Complete the Investigation Stage

After you have filed your NEC lawsuit, your attorney and the other side’s attorney (the defendants) will start building their cases. This involves gathering evidence to support each side.

Your attorney will collect information showing that manufacturers like Similac and Enfamil knew that drinking cow’s milk is dangerous for preemies. They will also show that none of the companies’ labels disclose this.

Prepare for the Bellwether Trial

The judge involved in your case will review the attorneys’ evidence. They’ll then schedule a bellwether trial. The goal of a bellwether trial is to offer some certainty and clarity in a complicated legal situation.

During this type of jury trial, your case and a small number of other baby formula lawsuit cases will be tried. The outcomes can help with determining how much compensation other pending cases may end up settling for.

Settle the Baby Formula Case or Go to Trial

The final stage of the baby formula lawsuit process is the settlement negotiation. During this phase, the two sides will try to agree on a compensation amount. If you cannot agree on an amount, the case will be tried.

At trial, a jury will hear both sides and determine whether your baby should receive compensation for the harm the defendants’ cow-based formula has caused them. If you are successful, you may receive compensation to cover your child’s related medical bills.

How We Can Help with a Baby Formula Lawsuit

To file a baby formula lawsuit in Hartford, CT, you should contact an attorney to file the lawsuit. They will then gather evidence and guide you through the bellwether trial, settlement negotiation, and trial phases.

At Levin, Rojas Camassar & Reck, we have extensive experience helping parents whose children have been injured by cow-based formula. We can help you to pursue the compensation you and your child are entitled to.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our legal services, and book a consultation today!

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